About Us

STEA S.r.l. was founded in 2001 and operates in field of integrated technological services aimed to saving energy and in particular development of:

  • Design, construction and installation of district heating substation and district cooling substations;
  • Energy service, as provision of integrated services needed to maintain comfort conditions in public and private buildings, through rational use of energy;
  • Attention to energy saving and energy efficiency solutions (thermal and electrical) to be implemented with final customer through PROJECT FINANCING operations (ENERGY SERVICE COMPANY).

Our headquarters is located in Brescia, first Italian city to adopt district heating, over 40 years ago, and always at forefront in integrated energy services.

STEA S.r.l. is UNI-EN-ISO 9001 – UNI CEI 11352 certified and has SOA certification for main categories in public procurement.

STEA S.r.l. is operationally structured in two distinct locations: Brescia , where are handle administrative, commercial, technical and after-sales services; Esine (BS), where are located the production, testing and logistics activities.


  • Our purpose is the complete satisfaction of our customer;
  • Our services aim to technological innovation in energy savings, to help our customers to be more efficient;
  • We work in the field of integrated energy services, aware of our environmental responsibilities;
  • Ethic and respect in business and human relationships, characterize us like company and individuals person.


“Select and promote the use of best technologies for rational use of energy in harmony with environment.”